Single-axle platform trailer, light, Neptun GN027 GVW 750 kg

Single-axle platform trailer Neptun GN027, N7-240 multi, GVW 750kg

3 490,00  (2 837,40  netto)

Additional information:

Wymiary wew.: 257 x 135 x 10 cm
DMC: 750 kg
Ładowność max: 554 kg

Product description:

The Multi series trailers are universal, high-strength platforms thanks to a fully welded frame, cold-formed and U-shaped longerons and three crossbeams. The tilting platform facilitates loading and unloading. Sagittal drawbar is reinforced. The rear lamps are specifically positioned to permit direct loading of the transported vehicle, without using ramps. The platform threshold is only 4 cm. Independent suspension and axle rubber elements ensure safe and stable driving.

Standard equipment

  • Non-braked axle 750 kg
  • Coupling head 750 kg
  • Hot-dip galvanized construction
  • Cargo securing handles hidden in the frame
  • Support wheel with a clamp
  • Wheels 165/70 R13 – outside the body
  • Tilting box with shock absorbers


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