NEW TRAILERS twin-axle dovetail car hauler, plywood, GVW 1400-2700kg

BORO twin-axle car hauler, dovetail, 450×200, plywood inside, GVW 1400-2700kg

16 200,00  (13 170,73  netto)

Additional information:

Wymiary wew.:
DMC: 2700 - 1400 kg

Product description:

Twin-axle dovetail-type car hauler with wheels outside the platform. Inside filled with waterproof plywood. Extremely durable construction, perfect for car transporting. Standard equipment includes a spare wheel, a winch and a full set of retractable ramps.

Standard equipment

  • Wheels and steering system: 2 braked axles 1650kg by AL-KO/KNOTT
  • Coupling head 2700kg
  • Wheels 185 R14C
  • Spare wheel with a carrier
  • Winch
  • Filled with waterproof plywood
  • Full set of ramps retracted under the floor
  • Wedges – 2 pcs
  • Support wheel with a clamp
  • License plate frame
  • 13-pin plug
  • 7-pin plug

Additional equipment

  • Wheels and steering system GVW 3500kg
  • Wheels and steering system GVW 3000kg
  • Wider ramps
  • Winch by AL-KO 900kg
  • Shock absorbers
  • Wheels 13″C or 10″C
  • Anti theft-device


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