Two horses transporting trailer GVW 1500-2000 kg

Mustang-Strong LaminaX with dark veneer – horse trailer

30 300,00  (24 634,15  netto)

Additional information:

Wymiary wew.: 315 x 173 x 245 cm
DMC: 2000 - 1600 kg
Ładowność max: 1135 kg

Product description:

The Mustang-Strong is a solid trailer, the only one in Europe equipped with modern safety systems as standard, such as AKS stabilizer and ALKO Premium AAA brakes. It also has safe wheels and steering system with an extended wheelbase: 2 AL-KO axles dedicated to horse trailers, AL-KO axle shock absorbers and an AL-KO AKS 3004 stabilizer hitch.

Driving with the hitch with the AKS stabilizer effectively prevents the trailer from swinging and levels the trailer’s track. Trailers equipped with the AKS 3004 stabilizer can obtain the TEMPO 100km/h certificate.

AL-KO Premium AAA brakes with automatic brake shoe adjustment ensure higher level of safety thanks to the shortening of the braking distance by up to 10m and higher level of driving comfort thanks to gentle braking without making a bounce. AL-KO Premium AAA brakes ensure low maintenance costs thanks to extended service intervals and no need for check up after first 1,000km. The brakes are equipped with Bowden cables PROFI LONG-LIFE in Teflon sheath (4 times longer useful life), a device with overrun brake and a handbrake.

The trailer is perfect for people who value professional equipment as well as comfort and convenience of a horse during transport.

External dimensions: 235 x 450 x 290 cm

Internal dimensions: 173 x 315 x 245 cm

Standard equipment

  • walls made of LaminaX veneer
  • 2 AL-KO axles
  • AL-KO axle’s stabilizers
  • 185/70 R13 wheels (R14 for GVW up to 2600kg)
  • hitch with the AL-KO AKS 3004 stabilizer
  • AL-KO Premium AAA brakes with automatic brake shoe adjustment
  • 12V installation with 13-pin plug
  • rear combination lamp
  • clearance lamps
  • license lighting
  • internal LED lighting
  • 3 STOP LED lights
  • tinted side windows opened in 4 directions in 5 ways
  • side access door
  • roof and front cover panel made of polyester
  • ALUSPORT aluminium composite floor (21mm), inside lined with a special rubber (8mm), glued and sealed, highly resistant to horse droppings, allowing quick cleaning
  • hot-dip galvanized, reinforced frame and drawbar
  • hay sack holder
  • internal divider – it can be rearranged or displayed
  • side pads
  • adjustable in height and length anti-panic system (front and back)
  • black inner wall covers – 90cm height
  • back roll-up tarpaulin AIR-MAX cover, breathable and light-transmitting
  • many handles enabling easy use (2 maneuvering at the front, tether handles)
  • reinforced entrance ramp opened downwards and to the sides with gas shock absorbers and anti-skid strips resistant to horse kicks
  • wheel chocks – 2 pcs
  • support wheel, reinforced, automatic
  • construction supporting butresses (2 back, 1 front for each side) extremely increasing trailer’s stability
  • advertising labels

Additional equipment (extra charge)

  • tack room with retractable holders, bridle holders, mirror and hook
  • GVW increasing (2050-2600kg)
  • tubular head divider
  • solid head divider
  • SIMITEX trailer cover
  • full back roll-up tarpaulin cover
  • spare wheel (steel) with fixing device and cover
  • anti-theft device for the hitch
  • anti-theft device for rims
  • silver and black polished rims
  • preparation for TEMPO 100km/h (in Germany)
  • dark veneer
  • light veneer


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