Plywood panel with polyester covering Poly Cargo Tomplan TFDL 250.00 DMC 750 kg

Plywood panel with polyester covering Poly Cargo Tomplan TFDL 250.00 DMC 750 kg (Kopia)

37 761,00  (30 700,00  netto)

Additional information:

Wymiary wew.:
DMC: 750 - 500 kg

Product description:

Technical data:
Internal dimensions: 250 x 130 x 150 cm
GVW: 750 – 500 kg
Load capacity: 305 kg

The plywood panel is made on a stable welded, hot-dip galvanized frame. The bodies and floor are made of special, waterproof laminated plywood, resistant to moisture and UV radiation.

The van has a double-leaf, bolted rear door locked, thanks to which the transport of goods becomes safe and the goods themselves are protected against weather conditions, replacing a typical delivery van.

Each trailer is equipped with rear stabilization supports, a support wheel and handles in the floor for securing the load. Additionally, slats securing the load on the side walls can be mounted, thanks to which the goods will be safely delivered to their destination.

Tomplan vans come in a version with a rear gangway or door and side flaps.

Standard equipment

  • Hitch 750kg
  • 750kg unbraked axle
  • Support wheel with clamp
  • Rear fixed supports 2 pcs.
  • Floor load securing lugs 6 pcs.
  • Hot-dip galvanized construction, welded
  • Floor made of waterproof laminated plywood
  • Wheels 165/70 R13
  • Rear wall: 2-leaf door

Additional equipment

  • Wall load securing strips – 2 pcs (along the entire length of the side walls – PLN 288
  • Spare wheel 165/70 R13 – 310 PLN
  • Axle shock absorbers – 2 pcs – 322 PLN


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