Twin axle insulated van with wheels under the Tomplan TFSP 360T.00 DMC 2000KG gearbox

Twin axle insulated van with wheels under the Tomplan TFSP 360T.00 DMC 2000kg box

20 570,00  (16 723,58  netto)

Additional information:

Wymiary wew.: 360 x 200 x 210 cm
DMC: 2000 - 1500 kg
Ładowność: 1235 kg

Product description:

Technical data:
Internal dimensions: 360 x 200 x 210 cm
DMC: 2000 – 1500 kg
Load capacity: 1235 kg

The sandwich insulated van is a two-axle braked trailer. 30 mm thick walls and roof filled with excellent XPS insulation constitute the so-called “Isothermal monolith” with excellent insulation parameters and is used to transport various types of goods sensitive to temperature changes. The inner and outer sheathing of smooth laminate ensures a homogeneous flat surface, perfect for applying various types of permanent advertisements.

The rounded form of the body ensures better tightness by eliminating joints and facilitating the outflow of water from the roof.

The floor is made of waterproof, non-slip plywood, equipped with special loading handles, making loading pallets simple and safe.

The van wheels are under the chest.

The van has a double-leaf, bolted rear door locked, thanks to which the transport of goods becomes safe and the goods themselves are protected against weather conditions, replacing a typical delivery van. Vans of this type are available with a rear gangway, as well as doors and flaps on the side walls.

Standard equipment

  • Hitch 3000kg
  • Two braked axles 3000kg
  • Support wheel
  • Rear fixed supports 2 pcs.
  • Floor load lashing brackets 10 items
  • Inner and outer sheathing made of smooth laminate
  • XPS isolation
  • Floor made of waterproof, non-slip laminated plywood
  • 185 R14C wheels
  • Rear wall: gangway

Additional equipment

  • Door on the side wall – 1.599 PLN
  • Side flap – 2.171 PLN
  • Window 1200 x 500 – 738 PLN
  • Wall load securing strips – 2 pcs (along the entire length of the side walls) – PLN 577
  • It is possible to mount 4 pcs of slats in a trailer
  • Spring bar 1 item – 189 PLN
  • Spare wheel 185 R14C – 526 PLN
  • Axle shock absorbers – 4 pcs – 645 PLN


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